Here We Go!

Crafting, coffee and life. This has been a lifeline for me for the past three years. I love crafting – if it can be made by hand, I’m interested. I made everything in the pictures below. Do I make everything I see and love? Of course not, but you should see my Pinterest boards. My goal is to share the crafts that I love, ones I find interesting and new things to learn. Coffee and life, yep those too.

Memory wire bracelet, owl hats, personalized blanket for a baby and my daughter’s homecoming dress 2014.


But first coffee….


I have been in between everything since 2010, when I quit my corporate job and moved to be with the love of my life. I couldn’t find any work, so I started working from home as a independent contractor for a few companies. I would do customer service work from my home and it kept me busy for a few years. Then, I needed and wanted more money, so I started looking for a job again.

Job hunting and going to work.


I’ve had two jobs since 2014 and I wasn’t happy with either one of them. I was fired from the last job because I wasn’t where I needed to be at the one year mark. It was very stressful and although I was devastated when I lost the job, I was relieved that I no longer had to endure that stress. That was in May of 2016.

I decided that I was going to work for myself. What was I gonna do?? Hell I don’t know, all I knew was I didn’t want to work in an office environment any longer. Did I have the support of my family? Well…..not really. I revamped my Etsy shop, started crocheting everything and making wire wrapped bracelets. I thought this was a good plan. I paid for and attended several online workshops trying to tap into what everyone said would be the catch all to be successful on Etsy, and selling on social media. I discovered Periscope and thought, well I’ll go on there and advertise and hopefully get followers and people interested.

What I realized is this all takes TIME, and I was impatient because I needed to make money. I had to sit and think about what I would do to make money while I was promoting my Etsy shop. I also realized that the magic of the internet wasn’t going to just happen. I discovered how talented I am, but it takes more than talent to make this work.

My first craft show.


Why blog again? I enjoyed it, but blogging fell last on my list of priorities. It took me a minute to get into it again. I’m working on content and sharing all kinds of crafts. All kinds. My definition of crafting can be fiber arts, paper crafting, cooking, gardening, blog design, photography, hair. You get my point. I have plenty to blog about, so there will be plenty of content for a while.


It can start as your side hustle, and grow to a full-time business.  We all want to turn our side hustles into our full time gigs, right?