Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017! The challenges of 2016 will not go away, it’s all about how we handle them. I don’t set resolutions. I try to live by these simple and very profound statements that are called the “Blueprint For Freedom”. I purchased these cards five years ago and sent one to each of my sistafriends. I posted this when I had my first blog, Cafe Mocha Reflections. I’m not putting this up until next year, it’s out on my desk. I’m buying a frame for it. I need to see this everyday.


I’ve also established a more personal reminder that I will share on my social media and have on my phone. These are the tools I need to keep me going when this thing called life hits me. I don’t set unrealistic goals, because I know life will come and put a wrench in everything you’ve planned. Blogging, my crafting business and other goals of working for myself have to keep me focused.


So, what would your pin board say? What are you goals for 2017 and moving forward? Do you write your goals, or are they here, there and everywhere? I have to write down my goals, or they will be scattered in my mind, and that’s not going to help at all.

Here’s to 2017 and everything you desire!