Be Inspired

You have to reach down deep in yourself to get inspiration at times. I know, I’m reaching as I type. This is life, taking the bitter with the sweet. Coffee always helps, plus it’s too early for wine. Like my mug? I collect them when I find one that I really like.


I have met a group of very inspirational, talented ladies on Periscope, a live streaming service offered through Twitter. They are talented, supportive and fun to be around. Yesterday, they inspired me more than they will ever know.

I created this little beauty as a companion for babies when it’s nap or bedtime. I named her Bedtime Bella. I’m hoping she offers peace and comfort for the baby and/or child that has a difficult time winding down for rest. I did a “scope” about my new creation and got a lot of good feedback on it. She can be a travel companion on long car trips, at church or anywhere the child wants to take her. I created her with the afro puff, which gives it the vibe I was hoping for. She can be made with any hair, this is what I wanted to create her with. I’ll be working on a pattern for Bedtime Bella, so look for it soon.

I want to thank those ladies for helping me get through a very difficult day and inspiring me all at the same time. You never know when you have inspired someone or even helped them at a difficult time, that’s why it’s important to be the best you can, genuine and authentic. Bedtime Bella is currently listed in my Etsy shop.

My goal is to bring some of the best artists/creators that I’ve met on my social media, in real life (yes!) and from my discoveries on the internet. If you know of someone, please let me know.