A Change Of Plans

I always have all these great plans and blogging is part of my plan. Then life happens, so I roll with it. I didn’t realize it’s been several weeks since my last blog post, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to let this happen. I enjoy blogging, I love reading blogs and finding ones that I get useful info from. I have met some wonderful women from my blogging journey, and some are very successful at it. I realize that I have to stay on top of it, schedule post and promote, promote, promote.

I had to let my side hustle Uber go after my SUV needed an alternator. The cost of gas and upkeep on my vehicle wasn’t worth it. If I owned a smaller car I think it could work for me. We are thinking about trading in our SUV, I would like something smaller but reliable. This SUV was very reliable, my husband is ready to shop for another later this year.

I did however start a part-time job as a Field Merchandiser. I like the job, it’s been hard on my body and feet, but it will get better as soon as I invest in some good shoes. I had to go to urgent care because of heel and arch pain. I’m going to follow-up with my doctor, just in case I need to see a podiatrist. I’ve also been researching good work shoes and will probably order very soon. It’s good exercise, not in an office and I’m around people. Well that can be good and bad. While I’m working, I can listen to my playlist on my phone, that is an big plus.

On it’s way to the repair shop.


I’m always creating though, it gives me balance when everything is hectic and busy. I’ve been busy with my craft business, I crocheted several hats and earrings for a customer who shared with everyone on her Facebook page. It was a good feeling reading her reviews and how people liked the hats I made for her. I appreciated the support and look forward to making wonderful items for more people.

Custom order

I signed up for one vendor show and was invited to another. The one I was invited to is March 25th and the other is April 2nd. I’m going to try as hard as I can to make both. My work schedule is very flexible, I can work when I want, so I’ll probably take a few days to make up some spring items along with the key chains that are very popular on my social media. I’ll keep you all posted.

Enjoy your week!