Visiting A Local Yarn Shop

When I need yarn to start a project, I make a trip to my local Michael’s, Joann’s or Hobby Lobby. They are accessible and the prices are competitive. I order from Craftsy for my online yarn purchases, and to be honest, they have the best prices.

I found a jewel here in my hometown a few months ago that made me feel like a child in a candy store. It’s two yarn stores in one building, Angelika’s Yarn Store and Knitcraft’s Yarn Shop, owned by Angelika Burrows and Robert Banlow. They are a couple who met years ago and Angelika moved to this area from Oregon for the weather and her love of Robert.

The shop is in an old brick building and they separate their two stores by green tape, but if you need help, they will assist you on either side. Robert doesn’t knit or crochet, but he was helpful and knew about his product, yarns, tools and whatever other questions we threw at him. My friend talked about motorcycles with him for about 20 minutes, while I went through the store, wanting every skein of yarn I touched. Angelika is a skilled knitter, and we talked about our love of knitting and crocheting and how I wanted to start knitting more. She invited me to come out on a Saturday and sit with the women who were busy knitting and learn from them.

There was acrylic, wool, cotton, Angora, silk, cashmere and blends of them all. I wanted to buy two or three of everything, but my budget couldn’t handle it. They have all the tools of the trade, crochet hooks, knitting needles, afghan hooks and everything else a fiber artist needs.

We were in there for two hours, mostly just roaming through the store, talking to the owners and that’s when I asked if I could take pictures. Robert was very gracious and told me to take as many pictures as I wanted. They have tables and chairs and a love seat for you to sit and knit or crochet while enjoying a great conversation. They display the work of women and sell some of the items as well. We are planning another trip as I work on the blog post, lunch and a trip to our LYS.

I appreciated the passion they displayed for their business and how they took the time to speak with us and answer all our questions about the different fibers of yarn. Robert even went as far to bring different yarn, crochet hooks and other tools to us that he knew we could use. It paid off because both my friend and I ended up purchasing at least one item he brought to our attention. That’s the sign of a great salesman, he paid attention to what we told him, and brought products to our attention that he knew we would like.

This is what I purchased, 5 hanks of mercerized cotton, a skein of alpaca light and a wool blend with sparkle. I haven’t used any of them yet, but I’ll eventually get to them. That’s another blog post, hoarding yarn….

Enjoy the rest of your week and keep crafting!