Prom 2017

We survived prom 2017! It was a struggle, to say the least. I had to dig deep to remember everything about planning, dress, accessories, tickets, hair, make-up and the corsage. I don’t remember having to do this for my oldest in 2014. The weather was cool, but that didn’t stop them. I thought it was a bit early, it was the first prom in the area.

My oldest daughter attended her senior prom in 2014 with her boyfriend. She tried on a few dresses, but she decided to wear a dress I purchased for my 30th High School Reunion that I never wore. I made the shrug she has on too. She was so easy to shop for, she doesn’t wear heels, so we bought sparkle sandals. I wish I had remembered her handbag, because Jade carried a purse of mine, and this one was more appropriate.

Maya’s prom pictures from 2014, she did her own make-up, I did her hair. Her handsome boyfriend came from out of town with his parents because she was not going without her boo!


My youngest??? Her prom adventure was completely different. She had no idea about anything, so I did most of the work for her prom. The school sent this flyer to parents via email. It’s called Blessed Dress, sponsored by a local church and they do this every year to give away prom dresses for the teenagers. Everyone is welcome and no questions are asked. I saw this on the news last year, they had beautiful dresses that people donated and only worn maybe once. I asked my daughter did she want to check it out and I was surprised when she agreed. All three of us went and they had so many dresses in all sizes. They had volunteers from the church to help the girls pick dresses.

I could tell Jade was a bit overwhelmed, she wasn’t sure what style she wanted, so the ladies from the church and I started picking dresses. I knew one thing she DID not want and that was anything pink. These are the pictures I captured of the dresses she did try on.

The lime green dress looked beautiful on her. It was a toss up between the blue and the lime green, she ended up picking the lime green dress. I loved the yellow one too, but it was too big.  I’m glad the dress was free 99 because, the shoes, jewelry and getting her hair braided cost a grip, but it was worth it. She’s a size 2/4, depending on the fit and I had to adjust the straps for a snug fit. She was out with her friends and I saw the shoes, took a picture and sent it to her. She loved them, and I got them for $15, yes! She wanted to wear her hair braided, I was cool with that because I would rather pay for a style that will last more than a night.  Here’s my beautiful baby…

The other girls didn’t have a corsage, I’m not sure if they knew or didn’t care, but I made sure my child had one. I saw another side of her, the side that’s growing up, becoming a young woman. Damn….

This is what I see when I look at them….

I have young women now, 21 and almost 17.