Challenge Your Comfort Zone

I like to do different things, but as I get older I realize I’m developing those creature of habit routines. You couldn’t have told me I would be like that, I thought I was too forward thinking and marched to the beat of my own drum. I’m still like that, but I I had to finally step out of my comfort zone. It was cushy and comfortable in there.

I enjoy crafting to a point that I would be lost if I couldn’t crochet, make jewelry or whatever I like to dab my fingers into.

I used to join every group I had an interest on Facebook. I left as soon about as soon as I joined if I didn’t like the vibe. I belong to a few crochet and craft groups on Facebook and the administrators do a wonderful job of keeping the drama down. We learn from one another, share our work, ask questions when we are stuck and support one another.

I’ve met a special group of women on Periscope. We are all crafters, fiber artists. Some of us do other things like me, but the love of fiber is what brings us together. That’s how I got the nerve to finally make my first crocheted doll, try to knit again (I will be making items by the end of the year), and write and publish my first crocheted pattern. Yes, I took the time, wrote out the pattern and just published it on Ravelry and listed it in my Etsy shop. If you aren’t familiar with Ravelry, it’s a social networking service for crocheters, knitters, weavers and spinners. We share our work, get patterns and participate in different groups. I am now a contributor by listing my pattern for Bedtime Bella.

I featured Bedtime Bella on Periscope. Everyone loved her and one of my fellow crochet artist, Yolanda at My Pretty Brown Doll told me to write a pattern and sell it. I sat on this for two months until last week. She would call me out about it too when she was on Periscope and also about me staying on top of blogging. I kept telling her I was gonna do it and would put it on the back burner. Everything and everybody else was more important.

Last weekend, I sat down with my journal and put the pattern on paper. Mind you this was in the middle of getting my daughter ready for prom, working and taking care of everyone else. I typed it up on word and converted it to PDF format and published it today. I am so relieved!

What took me so long? You should see me pointing all fingers at myself. I stood in my own way, so many excuses, my age being the biggest one. I had no doubt at my skill level of crocheting, I’m a great crocheter. I was thinking, these young women are really on top of their game, they will make moves in their businesses. I thought, no one will buy my pattern, I don’t have the time to write it out. Basically, I was uncomfortable about where it may take me whether good or bad. I get it and I’m in now. Yolanda was my accountability partner along with my other friends I’ve met on Periscope, they just don’t know how much they’ve encouraged me. I love them to pieces.

I finally stepped out of my comfort zone. Looking forward to doing this again real soon. Share this with anyone that is struggling with getting out of their own way, being a little uncomfortable. Don’t forget the pattern is for sale on Ravelry and in my Etsy shop.



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  1. Congratulations Whit & I have every confidence in you & that someone will purchase your pattern! Love you girl! ❤

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