My iPhone, My Friend

I didn’t have access to my phone today…..













I didn’t think I was one of those people who were attached at the hip to their mobile phones, until today. I always said I would be fine without it. I was so wrong. The screen on my phone had started acting up on April 1st, the day of prom. I went to take a picture of my daughter and her friends at Jose Peppers and the screen looked like when the television station was going off air back in the day, the snow look. It’s been doing that off and on since. I have the Apple Plan and when I looked up the specifics, it was like reading gibberish. Way too technical….

I kept putting it off until I tried to do a scope on Periscope in my car yesterday and my phone wouldn’t cooperate. It kept freezing and going into snow mode, lol. I could receive calls but when the screen was acting up, I couldn’t do anything.

So off to the Apple Store I go today WITHOUT an appointment. Ugh, big mistake. You must make an appointment when you need to go there for repairs or technical issues. If you are buying a phone, no problem. I waited two hours for a text message telling me they were ready for me. This started at 11:00.

While I was waiting for them to text me, I went to do a little shopping, I needed a couple of new bras. I spent way too much money. Two pairs of boyfriend jeans, two pairs of crop pants and two bras from Lane Bryant. I don’t even want to say what I spent. Everything was supposed to be on sale. I was shopping like I had received some big payout or something, like my income tax return (we just filed). I went back to the store to inquire why I hadn’t received a text yet just to be told they are behind. I wasn’t happy, I haven’t been able to use my phone all day.

They finally got to me and I had to answer a bunch of questions, mainly have I gotten the phone wet. I wanted to say, “No, I don’t take my phone near water, are you crazy?” No, no and no. They tested it too to make sure there’s no water damage, because if so, I had to pay $79 to replace the phone. So I had to leave my phone for over two hours, no way to call anyone, check email, social media, the whole nine!!!

Let me tell ya, I sat in my car for a few minutes thinking, what do I do now? I was pathetic! So I did the next best thing, back to retail therapy. Well, actually I returned 3 pair of the pants, which was more in my budget. I did buy two pair of Crocs from Off Broadway to wear around the house. The had a sale, buy one get one half off, so my oldest was lucky today.

I get back to the store at 3:05 and my buddy was ready. No water damage either, so no charge. We all left happy.