Celebrating Bedtime Bella

Bedtime Bella was released as a pattern last week. As of the writing of this blog post I have sold 24 patterns on Etsy and 20 on Ravelry. I have had an amazing week, celebrating the release of Bedtime Bella, the overwhelming support I’ve received from my online tribe and the new crochet artists that I’ve met this week. My Instagram has grown to over 713, it was at 640 before I launched my pattern. When you have an online business, social media is very important to that success. Instagram is my spot for this, it’s very interactive and that’s how you meet fellow crafters and people who want to purchase your finished items.

Here’s the back story on why I created Bedtime Bella. I was on Etsy looking for a pattern to make a toy that represented children that looked like me. I couldn’t find anything and sat down and put together my own blanket toy for little black girls. After I made her, I shared her on Periscope and that’s when my friend Yolanda of My Pretty Brown Doll suggested I make a pattern and sell it. This was in January.

I released my pattern and much to my surprise, people were interested in it and very excited about it. Yolanda was my first sale and she immediately made hers and gave me a rave review! I had an omission on the pattern, she immediately notified me, I made the correction and made sure everyone that purchased the pattern had the updated one.  Yolanda was very gracious and supportive on the release of my pattern. She is also the one that pushed me to do it and for that I’m very grateful for her and our friendship. My next patterns I will have testers besides myself.

The sales have slowed but that’s ok, she’s out there and I’m inspired to create more patterns. I have two I’m working on from my head to paper. This may take a little time, bear with me.

I want to share some of the finished Bedtime Bella’s from the ladies that purchased my pattern. Notice how everyone took my pattern and put their own twist on it. I love that about being creative. She is the perfect companion for our little girls.











They all received great responses from their followers and have even been asked to make and sell them! Amazing! All these ladies have given me permission to use their pictures. Thank you all again for your support.

Believe you can do it.



2 Replies to “Celebrating Bedtime Bella”

  1. Hey Queen!
    I’m so excited for you! I too am starting to emerge from my cocoon. I’ll be 63 this year and I had doubted that I could sell anything online. You have inspired me and have given me that nudge to get out of my comfort zone. I’m now making and SELLING afro puff keychains!!! I jumped on the opportunity to purchase your pattern. Catch you Periscope!❤
    Thank you so much,
    Dawn Holmes aka Topaz1x aka My Sweet Inspirationz

    1. Dawn, you have also inspired me! You are definitely the woman that I want to reach, women over 50. I’ll be 55 this year and I’ve had so many doubts set in my mind about doing this. Continue to push and connect with me so we can support and encourage one another. Thank you for purchasing my pattern. This is what we need! Much love sis!

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