Easter Memories

Hope you all had a great Easter Sunday. This is the time of the year that always take me back to my childhood…sitting in the kitchen on the floor with a box fan in my face, blowing on “hi”, because my mother is pressing my hair and I’m sweating from the heat.The pressing comb has me scared to death, those burns hurt bad.

I had to stay in the house the rest of the day because my hair had to stay perfect for Easter services. Big pink foam hair rollers in my hair and we all are anxiously waiting for the next morning when we get up, get dressed, head out to Sunday school and get back so we can open our Easter baskets.

My mother didn’t play, she had me looking so cute. We took lots of pictures. These pictures were from 1970, I remember this like it was yesterday, I promise you.

My brother and I. You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t clean as the board of health.

My brother, me and my oldest nephew. They look like little men, too cute. I have on my Easter brim, all that sweating and crying to end up wearing a hat, but trust me my hair was freshly pressed and curled. Life was so simple then. I hope my girls have sweet memories of when they were little and the different things we did together.

If you’re wondering where the Easter memories are of my girls, I don’t have them downloaded to the computer yet, a process that is very time-consuming. This was several years before smartphones.

This is the only one that is out and it’s on the refrigerator.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me. Enjoy your week.