Arm Candy

Wearing a bracelet is my favorite accessory. I’ll wear a bracelet before a watch. Making them are a lot of fun, and your creativity and imagination just flows. That’s true with any craft, but when I see beads and baubles, this certain energy sparks up inside of me.

Jewelry designing and selling is very saturated, so you have to always have an eye on the latest trends. While I look for the latest trends, I also like to combine latest trends with classic looks. Bold colors, beads and findings are some of my favorites, but I also love crystals, natural gemstones and sterling silver. You can never go wrong with those items.

One of my favorite bracelets to make is memory wire bracelets. My reason is simple; I want women of all ages and abilities to wear my bracelets. Memory wire bracelets are easy to get on and off, no fussing with clasps, no dropping from turning it upside down on your lap. The possibilities with memory wire are endless, you can use beads, gemstones, wood beads and leather.

I’ve sold several and gotten great reviews for them. You can make them with as many coils as you want, the one below is made with just one.

Over the years, I have made and sold handmade jewelry. I stopped for a while when I re-discovered crocheting, but it’s back on my agenda and I plan on attending the 2017 Bead Blast, sponsored by the Bead Society of Greater Kansas City next month. I’ve gone in the past when my girls were younger and it was an adventure to say the least. We would look, I had to watch them carefully because they would want to touch everything. We had to stop and eat lunch. After lunch, they were restless and tired and ready to go home. I was worn out too. I was able to purchase a few things.


This year, momma is going solo! I can not wait. I get to look around, maybe take a class or two, who knows? I just plan on having a good time shopping for beads, baubles and everything in between. I want a matching set of tools, a few beading supplies and of course any beads that capture my eye.

I will blog about my adventure as I do on any “field trip”. Stay tuned and keep creating! Have a good week.