Mother’s Day Tribute

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. What plans do you have for your mother, or any woman who has represented being a mother to you? It could be an aunt, step mom, friend, whomever.

This time of the year is hard for me, I lost my mother in 2003. She was our rock, a tough woman who spoke the truth no matter what. She didn’t play, she wasn’t perfect and she loved her family. Here’s my mommy. This is an old picture of her but I like using it because I look so much like her. I miss her and she missed watching her granddaughters grow up, giving advice whether I wanted it or not, watching them turn into the young women they are now. There’s nothing like a mother’s love.

My momma, Calla Lee Gordon.


I’ve pretty much raised my girls like her, with a few exceptions. I’m strict but fair, I have a soft place when they give me that look, but sometimes I have to stand my ground. At this stage in their lives, I have to learn to let go, allow them to blossom, make mistakes and discover what the world has for them. I didn’t realize how tough it can be, but I’m so proud of them and love my girls to pieces.

We took this picture last summer when TJ Maxx was having a promotion on being your best woman. They interviewed Maya and I and we both received $50 gift cards. Jade got $15. That was one of the best days we’ve had together in a long time. I love it because they are growing up and we talk about anything. I realize these days will be decrease as they get older that’s why I treasure the moments now.


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers. Enjoy your day and be good to one another.