When Your Works In Progress Takes A Year

I knew I couldn’t use WIP in the title, Google would have probably gone crazy. Last year I purchased a pattern for a vest from Copper Llama Studio from Craftsy because the pattern went up to a 6X. I loved the way it looked and thought it would a great piece to add to my wardrobe or my daughter. I purchased the yarn and started working on the vest.

Life happened, over and over again. I literally put it in the bottom of one of my plastic containers that I store my yarn in. It became my oldest work in progress. I crocheted a lot of things, I did a vendor show, made 3 dolls, made several dozen key chains, started blogging, drover for Uber. You name it, I did it. I slowed down and dug it out and decided to finish the vest.


It took me a month to finish the vest and that’s still with other things I’m working on. I finally said in one of my Periscope’s that I needed to finish this, it’s taking way too long. I wonder why we as crafters do this? Sometimes I do suffer from the shiny object syndrome and that’s what happens. I see a new project and I want to start it immediately, hence why I have enough yarn and beads to make plenty of things. Seriously, plenty. Works in progress are typical for crafters, hence the hashtag #WIPS. We are always working on something. I have two more, a teddy bear for my daughter’s friend who had a baby in December and a hat I started and put it down. The teddy bear is next, poor baby will be 2 before she gets it.

The pattern was easy to read and follow, I made the 3X and I have to admit it’s too big, I normally wear 2X/3X in tops and shirts. I’m gonna give it to my daughter but I may wear it once or twice. I love the color, it’s Cascade Yarns Santeen, 100% Acrylic, 2-sport weight yarn. I ordered it from Craftsy. I always order extra because I want to make sure I have enough in the same dye lot. I have one skein leftover and I’m gonna use it to make something when I can knit a project from beginning to end. I know the basics of knitting, but I want to learn more and create knitted items.

This is the life of a crafter….enjoy your day.