What’s Brewing At The Cafe

Grab your coffee and let’s recap this busy week….

  • It’s day 19 of our 31 day challenge on Periscope. My creative friends and I on Periscope are doing a 31 day challenge to go live or scope everyday. Follow me on Periscope via Twitter at @cafemochalady. You must have a Twitter account to get Periscope. We have gained insightful information that has helped us in more ways than we ever thought. We have shared tips on what works good for us as small business owners and crafters. I’m grateful for the ladies and gentlemen I’ve me while on Periscope. I am even considering doing YouTube videos. Considering…
  • I’ve made several dolls but I’m taking a doll making course to get pointers on how to work the basics and step up my doll making game.
  • Using Hootsuite and Planoly to schedule posts on social media. It’s a blogger’s best tool for staying on top of social media.
  • I celebrated my wedding anniversary this week, we’ll go out and celebrate this weekend.
  • I’m working on a new Bedtime Bella
  • I want to participate in First Friday as a vendor in my city in the famous 18th & Vine.
  • I’m working on a few pieces of jewelry, something in purple.
  • Mother’s Day was quiet and nice.

Here’s a few pictures of my week.

My current WIP’s, Bedtime Bella and a new doll

Wedding picture

Mother’s Day 2017, cards, gift and dinner. Perfect!

Have a fabulous weekend!