Look, I’m Knitting!!

Well I took a small break with knitting to work on a project for a dear friend and customer.

This is my series on learning to knit. I’m sharing my step by step process with the guidance of a few of my knitting friends.

I finished the second swatch and it was much better than the first swatch. On the second swatch, I kept frogging the rows and starting over because I wanted it to look good.  Also notice in the second swatch I did a purl stitch. That was challenging.

Notice on the first swatch, the further I went, I seemed to lose stitches. I don’t remember losing any, lol. The second swatch I concentrated and it was much better. The bind off is a bit rough on the second swatch. I’m enjoying learning to knit again and take great pride that I’m teaching myself. I’m not gonna give up yet and pay for lessons. I want to be self-taught.

I’m using both aluminum and bamboo knitting needles just to see what works for me as a beginner. The aluminum is too slick and manipulates the yarn without trying. The bamboo so far are my favorite, the yarn stays in place until you manipulate it with a knit or purl stitch. I’ll continue to try to use both until I can get used to the aluminum.

When practicing, using medium worsted weight yarn is best. I’m using some Red Heart Love, color Parade. I like Red Heart Love, it’s softer than Red Heart Super Saver. For the sake of my eyesight, I may change to white or tan, something light that I can see. I’m gonna use this first, I have two skeins.

My newest swatch is mostly purl stitch, I can do the knit stitch without a problem now. I am doing the Continental style of knitting, it’s just easier for me and more natural because I’m a crocheter. I tried to hold the yarn in my right hand, it took me forever to do one stitch, so Continental style it is for me.

Wonder what my first knitted item will be? I have several things in mind, wraps, head wraps, socks and eventually large pieces like sweaters or a dress. There’s no limit to my choices. Gotta go, time to go to YouTube and find more knitting videos.

Enjoy the rest of your week.