All The Money and Time

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What would you do if time and money wasn’t an issue? This is a question that can go in so many directions. In my world, I would do a little of this and lots of that.

I asked my husband this question and first he asked “Is this a trick question?” He’s silly. He thought about it for a minute and then replied, “Life would be boring, I like a challenge.” Very interesting, never knew he felt that way. I thought he would immediately say retirement and fun. He also told me that money can’t buy happiness, can’t buy human life. Only thing it will do is buy you a few favorites from someone. I’m sure he would like to be financially set. No, not sure…I know he would.

I would of course spend as much time creating, crafting and doing charity work. Charity work? Yes, I used to do it all the time when I sang in the choir about 10 years ago. We volunteered at the local women’s shelter, we would bring deli sandwiches and games to play with the women and children. We always had a good time, the women would share their stories and we would share ours. The choir also volunteered to minister to homeless men and feed them as well. The women of the choir weren’t allowed to interact with the men, but we worshiped with them and served lunch afterwards.

My oldest daughter is autistic. She’s a 21 year old, high functioning adult with autism. She was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in 2001. I share this because I would volunteer to help young adults with autism transition into adulthood. They give these young people all the support they need in school and once they become adults, they are on their own. We can’t afford aftercare, or special therapy. We depend on what the state can provide her with assistance on job hunting and of course what I do as a parent to help my daughter with her transition into adulthood. This will take money and time.

My beautiful daughter, confident and enjoying her life.


I would like to travel to all the great festivals and events I hear and read about in the fiber and beading world. Learning, creating and teaching is what I would like to do. Those are on my immediate list, like the next year or two. I belong to the Crochet Guild of America and I would love to go to Chicago to attend their conference. It’s an 8 hour drive to Chicago from where I live, or if I can find a good reasonable flight, that would be even better. Touching yarn and playing with beads?? Yes that would be nice, fun and would definitely take time and money.


More yarn….


More beads…


We would take a few family trips, we haven’t been anywhere as a family in a while other than to visit family. The picture below is from 2011, the girls are both taller than me now. I would like my husband and I to take a trip somewhere we can relax and let people spoil and take care of us. Then back to reality, definitely money and time.


Share with me what you would do if money and time wasn’t an issue.

Dream on!





2 Replies to “All The Money and Time”

  1. If money wasn’t an issue!!!!
    Well money isn’t one now. Not saying I have Lots to spend, but I always have it, Not just when needed but when I want It. I would travel to other countries
    And share what am doing now.
    Everyday is mine, I dance, I do yoga
    I go on trips in my city & state.
    I share my vision and desires
    With others. Skincare, makeup 💄
    Hair, fine Art and of course dancing
    Fashion has always been with. All that
    I do and desire , seem to have build
    A wonderful life for me. With sharing broth more Money, opportunities and passion. Before you knew it more doors are opening, And I am living my desires. Am there where I wish to be, Now; I know that all things are possible. Because with my faith am here.
    I am grateful for my now. With more money I would do; be more of who I am now.
    Love ❤️ you
    Ms Whit
    Now is your time
    Ms Jett
    Los Angles,CA

    1. You are a true example of doing your kind of thing! I love you my dear friend, and keep being an example for women like us. Smooches!!

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