WIP Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week and I thought since our #mayscopeaday challenge on Periscope has ended, I would bring WIP Wednesday to my blog.  I’ve been working on this doll for almost a month. Now I need to give her an outfit and hairstyle.There is a backstory to go with my creation and I’ll save that until I finish and introduce her to everyone.

Handmade dolls have become quite popular in the last 3 or 4 years, especially dolls of color. I believe all girls want to play with dolls that represent and look like them. I’m just starting on this journey of doll making, I’ve made three customers. I created each one a close as I could to resemble the little girl that I was making them for. I was proud of my work, but needed improvement. All crafters are their biggest critic. I named all three of them, but I’m sure the owners changed their name.

From left to right ~ Kami, Avah and Raven.


This one will be the one I keep and take with me to vendor shows and explain my story and why I make these beautiful babies. Here’s my WIP for the week, she still needs her personality added with facial features, ears, hair and a cute outfit. I’ve named her Jayda, after the sweet little girl that inspired me to continue making dolls. I hope to have her finished by the end of the month.



Crafters, what are you currently working on? WIP on crafters!



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  1. Look at all the cuties! They all look great! Everything is on the hook over here. The question is what am I not working on lol

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