Father’s Day Tribute

My father was my everything.  When I was a girl I thought he was the smartest, strongest and most handsome man in the whole wide world. He was an understanding husband, fantastic father and provided for his family. We didn’t want for anything, but at the time we had no idea what my parents went through to make it seem that way. He was not perfect, but he was very close in my eyes. He loved my mother.

He taught me how to bowl, play softball, was an assistant coach on my brother’s team and loved the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals. Loved them. He would watch a game on TV and have his radio by his side in his big chair.


I knew I wanted a man to represent what my father meant to me, great provider, father and love his family. My husband is my version. He’s a veteran like my dad, a hard working man and provides for his family by any means necessary. He stepped in with his role as a dad to my girls, didn’t skip a beat. He’s strict, but fair. I’m sure the girls wouldn’t say that, but they’ll appreciate it when they get older.

My husband wants to make sure I have everything I need to be comfortable. I’ve never had that before and I’ve been around the block on marriage before. He’s my confidant, lover, advice giver (even when I don’t want it). He works my nerves, pisses me off and drives me crazy. I love him and I know he has my back and I have his. He’s an old school music lover, he watches MSNBC everyday, I mean everyday and loves a good soul food meal as you can see in the above picture.

He doesn’t mind when I bring more yarn and beads into the house. He’ll comment but he knows I love it and he supports my crafting.

Honor the man in your life this weekend. They allow us to shine without requiring anything but appreciation.

Thank you daddy and my husband for being the men I needed in my life.




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  1. Whitney, this was a beautiful dedication! Two very handsome men! I love the pictures of your parents and you and your husband.
    Love you Queen! 😚

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