Keep It Simple

I wanted to take some time today and remind us all that in life we need to keep things simple. I took my daughter to an doctors appointment today and saw one of my momma’s best friends and her daughter. We used to go over their house, spend the nights and just hang out. Very good childhood memories with this family. I had my one and only birthday party when I turned 10 at their house. I know, but that’s how my momma was.

My momma’s friend was walking with a cane but other than that, she looked wonderful to be in her 80’s. While she and my daughter were getting their blood drawn, her daughter and I took the time to get caught up with each other. This is the good thing about Facebook because we’re all friends on there, so I keep up with them more than if we didn’t have social media. We sat in my truck and then stood in the parking lot for 20 minutes talking and waiting on my daughter to finish up. Keeping it simple.

Family is so important, especially when we start to lose the ones we love. Seeing them today reminded me how simple life is and how we need to be around people that help us keep it that way.

Less thinking, keeping stress down and remembering what our purpose is. Keeping it simple.

One of my favorite pictures of myself.


You know how you sit for hours and sometimes days trying to figure out what to do about a situation, how to start, what to do next? We make things hard by overthinking, at least I do. When I overthink, I literally have to stop and sit still and get the issue or situation completely out of my mind until I can think clearly.

Unless you are a rocket scientist, doctor, attorney or something that takes a lot of training and expertise, nothing we have or want to do should affect us to the point of stressing about it. I’m not trivializing anything major that you may be going through in life, I’m talking about the small stuff.

I’ll work something over and over in my head until I have created every scenario possible. I’m finally learning at this point in my life to let that mess go and go with the flow of life because it’s nothing I can do about it. My daughters do this and it’s probably something they picked up from me. I tell them all the time to keep things simple, don’t start worrying about things they have no control over.


Chrysanthemum at the Botanical Gardens


Palm tree at Botanical Gardens

My favorite flower, my husband took this and sent it to me. I love tulips.


The pictures in this post remind me how beautiful life is, how peaceful I look in that picture. We took all the pictures except the one with the tulips at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St Louis. We had been in St Louis almost a year and my husband wanted us to see it. I remember how peaceful it was and we walked around for hours taking pictures and just enjoying it. The picture of the tulips my husband took when he was a mail carrier, he knows how much I love tulips.

Take time, enjoy the scenery around you, take pictures, share, laugh and keep it simple.