Happy Birthday To Me


Today is my 55th birthday. I was born at Fort McPherson Army Hospital to Phillip & Calla Gordon. My daddy was in the Navy and we were stationed there for a year after they had me. Here’s the funny thing, I haven’t been back to Georgia since my birth. It’s on my short bucket list.

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They are the reason for my existence. I love and miss them dearly.


I’m the first born to my parents, the third birth for both of them. We call it blended family now, but we were all one big family. I had one sister and three older brothers. We never referred to each other as half or step, never. They didn’t have the best relationships with their exes, but they loved all their children.

Wasn’t I a cute baby?

The story behind this picture….someone in my family thought it would be nice if all the children took a picture in this chair with this sheet on it. All my cousins took a picture in this chair, I wish I had them all to show you.


I have been blessed to be on this earth for 55 years. I’m not ashamed of my age, I tell everyone because there’s been some living in each one of those years, my wisdom. Some good, some bad, things I’ve been proud of, lessons learned. Loved hard and been married three times. Produced two beautiful daughters from one of those marriages. Had good jobs that I’ve hated and crappy jobs that I’ve hated too, just keeping it real. Lost my parents and two of my siblings, but somehow manage to keep pushing forward because I have to.

I’ve lived my life like it’s golden, I truly have. As I continue this journey called life, I will continue to live it my way. Now I dress how I want, wear my hair the way I want, enjoy crafting and doing what makes me happy. Traveling is the only thing I would like to do more, as well as learning how to use my 35mm DSLR camera. When my youngest graduates from high school next year, I plan to travel and go to places I’ve been wanting to visit, depending on my budget. I’ve also wanted to get my nose pierced for years, I’m doing that very soon, my youngest and I. I plan to wear a small diamond stud.


I wore afro puffs 45 years ago and they are back in style today.

I’m so proud of my girls, beautiful young women.


My handsome husband and retired veteran.

I took the two pictures on Saturday, showing my latest HOTH-hot off the hook. It’s a head wrap made with 2 strands of #10 crochet thread. I love it and got very good response on my social media accounts.


Time waits for no one, I promise you I remember my 25th birthday like it was yesterday. Sure wish I had those pictures, I lost a lot of my pictures in a flood in 1997.


Thank you for spending my birthday with me reading my story. Enjoy the 4th of July holiday, be safe!