What’s Brewing At The Cafe

It’s Friiidaaay! This was the longest, shortest week ever. Very busy week, as you all know I celebrated my 55th birthday. Here’s what else is going on in my world.

  • I love celebrating my birthday, always have. It’s my personal holiday, the 4th of July was lucky to have its day next to my birthday. I made a birthday card for myself on Canva. Have you al used Canva? It’s super easy and a great tool for bloggers or DIY people who either don’t have the budget or like doing their own graphic designs. I like creating with Canva and Picmonkey. I’ll do a later post on using both and the benefits.


  • I spent the holiday with my family in Omaha, Nebraska. I have a brother, nieces, nephews and a ton of cousins that live there. It’s a 3 hour drive and we go about every other year to visit. I have one cousin that’s more like a big sister to me. She’s what I call the caretaker of the family and I tried but didn’t get a picture of her. She did send me a picture of her with my other another cousin.

My cousin and niece

My nephew and his family

My brother and his lady

My niece, daughter, nephew and his family

My two oldest cousins, I looked up to them when I was a girl. Love them to pieces.


  • As much as I fight it, I have to realize my girls are entering the next phase of their lives. I talk about this a lot and I struggle with it, especially with my oldest daughter. She wants her independence and I want her to have it, but at he same time I feel it’s my job as her mom to protect her. It’s a balance between the two of us and some days it’s hard. I’ll give her credit, as she matures she understands her disability more. She wants to live on her own. I knew this day would eventually come. My youngest graduates from high school next year.

I use this picture a lot because this is how I see them, over 16 years ago. Time for momma to get her life. I’ll be okay, my crafting is about to step up for sure now.

Have a beautiful weekend.