Scissors ~ A Crafters Best Friend

I’ve been on the quest for a good pair of scissors to use for my fiber crafting. When I first started, I used whatever I had around the house, until they started cutting crappy. They were standard scissors that I had around the house, including the scissors that my mother used. I keep those for sentimental reasons of course. I didn’t realize how important a good pair of scissors were until I started using the Clover Pom Pom maker and the scissors I had weren’t “cutting” it. This is what I had around the house to use. The scissors in the middle were my momma’s and I need to take them to be sharpened, they don’t cut much anymore. The blue ones were the ones I started with and they did ok for a while. The yellow & gray are Westcott Titanium non stick and my husbands and I had to sneak to use those.

Then I purchased these Scotch scissors thinking they would work. They did for a bit too, I got them for $0.50 at the Army Exchange. I thought, I’ll try these, they’re only $0.50. I can’t lose either way.

They worked for a long time, then it was time to seriously buy a good pair of scissors for my fiber crafting. I went to Hobby Lobby and I wanted some of those snip scissors, a few of my fiber friends said they were pretty good to use. These were the worst, they are the Hobby Lobby brand. Don’t get me wrong, Hobby Lobby is my go to place, but sometimes products don’t work and you get what you paid for. They are sharp too, but I just didn’t like them, wouldn’t cut sometimes.

I’m gonna keep them, but not use them for cutting yarn. Then I stepped my game up and went back to Hobby Lobby and purchased these Fiskars scissors. I knew this brand, it’s the brand they recommend you buy school aged children and I bought them every year for my girls when they were in elementary school. I liked these a lot, they cut the yarn on the pom pom maker really good. I spent $14.99 for these and thought, not a bad investment.

But my research for the best pair of scissors kept bringing up the brand Gingher. When I looked on Amazon I thought they were a bit too expensive, but then one lady posted in a group I belong to on Facebook that she just purchased her 4th pair and she loves them. She also said she only buys them when she has a coupon. I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

I get text alerts from my favorite hobby shops and got one from JoAnn’s the other day that I knew would be beneficial to my search for the perfect pair of crafting scissors. I knew JoAnn’s sold Gingher, so on my birthday my girls and I went there and they had them on lock. Wow, that’s serious, but I understand. My daughter was in my ear, “they’re just scissors, pick these.” I knew she was ready to go, I had to give her the look. I went and got one of the employees to unlock and help me decide which pair would be best for me. I told her what I was gonna use them for and she recommended the basic pair. Gingher’s have a lifetime warranty, so I decided to start with this pair and I’m very pleased with them.

They were $34.99 and after using my 60% off one regular priced item, I was very happy with my purchase and the scissors. They are on the “do not touch” list in my house. I followed the instructions and put a little oil on the shaft to loosen them up and keep the blades wiped clean. I want one more pair, so waiting for a coupon from JoAnn’s to purchase my next pair.

I like them, smooth cutting and the best part is they have a lifetime guarantee. I do recommend the Gingher brand. Let me know your experience with this brand.