What’s Brewing At The Cafe

It’s Friday again, the favorite day of the week for most. Here’s what’s brewing at the cafe.

  • Finished my second head wrap that I crocheted. My daughter requested it because she liked the first one I made. It’s simple to make, I’m gonna write it up and offer it as my first free pattern.


  • My daughter started a new job at Wal-Mart today. I know they have a reputation for bad treatment to employees, but I’m hopeful that she will have a successful employment with them. I know her rights under the ADA-American with Disabilities Act and will make sure they follow it to the law. She was so nervous this morning when I took her to work and I can see the maturity in the picture I took of her this morning and the fact that she has lost 51 pounds. She was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in December. The doctor prescribed Metformin and we went to see a nutritionist. Maya got busy on eating healthier, exercising and got those numbers down. We were all surprised when the nurse said she had lost 51 pounds.

This is Maya last year when she started at TJ Maxx, it was a temp job.

This is her this morning, you can see the weight loss, especially in her face.


  • My next project I’m gonna knit a head wrap. I purchased these circular knitting needles and went to YouTube on how to use them and was still confused. I reached out to my fiber friends on Facebook and they helped me to get started. I’m going to take an online class with Gaye Glasspie of ggmadeit.com. I love her and her knowledge of knitting. If you want to learn to knit, check her out here. You are never too old to learn and I plan to have knitting down by the end of the year. GOALS.


That’s all for me this week, have a fabulous weekend in your cafe.



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