WIP Wednesday

I made it through WIP Wednesday! I wanted to finish my WIP’s before posting them. It’s a lot going on at The Cafe this week, planning, getting my daughter and brother settled, finding things they will need, etc. I have a customer order that I finished and will get in the mail tomorrow and I took a knitting class from Gaye Glasspie of ggmadeit. I went to YouTube to learn how to knit, but I wanted a more personal approach to knitting, because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Here’s my WIP’s for this week.

These are some of the cutest keychains ever and my friend Yolanda at My Pretty Brown Doll created the pattern. I’ve made quite a few of these, I honestly don’t know how many. I’ll have to check my Etsy shop to be accurate. They will be mailed to their forever home tomorrow. I have mine attached to my purse and I get a lot of compliments from mine.



Today I started learning how to knit with a new online course from my girl Gaye of ggmadeit. She was thorough, the class was easy to follow and I picked up the basic knitting stitches and a complete understanding of what I need to do to improve the skill. I was trying to use the continental knitting method and it just didn’t work for me. It was suggested that I try that method because I crochet. I couldn’t keep my tension right and I always had skipped stitches. These swatches are so much better than what I’ve been doing in the past. Check me out and if you are interested in taking the course, click here. These are the swatches I did from the class and my homework from the class.


The stitches are even and I’m very pleased with my work so far. I’m going to keep you all posted with my knitting progress, My goal is end of year, I plan to have worked and practiced several stitches and be ready to move into the intermediate category.

Enjoy the rest of your week and sorry about the late post.