Knitting At The Cafe

I had to restart my knitting adventure. It just wasn’t working for me, my tension was bad and I was beginning to think this craft wasn’t for me. I kept trying to find more detailed how to videos on YouTube. They were there, but I was still having the same results when I practiced. Then one of my fiber loves, Gaye of ggmadeit came out with an online class for people that wanted to learn how to knit.

She has restored my faith in learning how to knit, I was taking suggestions from people to learn how to knit the continental style because I was a crocheter, but my tension was awful and my swatches were looking wonky. I immediately noticed the difference using the method of holding the yarn with my right hand. Another thing that helped was using chunky yarn to start. Gaye is a genius! If you want to learn, I highly recommend taking her class, she also has a private Facebook group to help with questions and followup. All of us are learning so there’s no judging or feeling like your question is dumb. We shouldn’t be that way anyway. If you want to learn the GG way, go here.

Here’s my swatches and homework. I actually ran out of yarn, so I’m starting my homework with some new yarn. I love it and can’t wait to show the finished product, a head band. Right up my alley, something to adorn my hair.

Looks good huh? I was so proud of myself, my stitches are neat and even. Here’s all three of my practice swatches.

My finished product, it was supposed to be a head band but I ran out of yarn, I’m so proud of my work.

I’m loving my knitting experience and I’m well on my way to my goal of being a bonafide knitter at the end of the year. Don’t worry, my love of crocheting is still there, I love crocheting and will continue to crochet, I’ll be bi-stitual. Is that a word?

Don’t be afraid to try something new. This can be a new craft, taking a class, tackling a project that you’ve put off all year. All of those are on my list, projects around here should probably be priority. Should be…

Coffee, crafting & life. Enjoy your day.