What’s Brewing At The Cafe

My life is extremely busy and chaotic right now. We have made more trips to St. Louis to take care of business and prepare to move effective July 31, 2017. This month went by so fast, birthday, new job and now moving.

We have been packing all month, so we are pretty much on top of that. My husband had said he wasn’t going to hire people to load the truck, he was gonna try to do it himself with the help of the girls. I couldn’t tell you how against that I was, mostly because the girls are not men and they can’t move furniture. When he sat down and assessed the situation, he had me make reservations for loaders. You see he didn’t suggest I help. I don’t move furniture, boxes or anything. I might move a pillow or my craft bags. I do all the administrative stuff, make ALL arrangements, pack, organize and unpack. That’s what I do and I do it well.

All the food, most of the dishes, pots and pans and other essentials my daughter and brother need will be left at the house for them. This has simplified the packing process. They will need a washer and dryer and I have been searching all over the inter webs for one. They don’t need a heavy duty, expensive set, they just need to be able to do laundry. Neither one has transportation and I want this transition to be as stress free as I can. Probably more for me than them.

This weekend we decided to have family weekend since it was our last weekend living in the same house together. Man this is hard as I type it, but here it goes.

  • Saturday morning, we started off at IHOP. We are that family that loves going to breakfast/brunch on the weekend.

I can only imagine what my youngest was thinking. Good thing she kept it to herself, lol.

My husband enjoying his breakfast.

  • Then we went to The Country Club Plaza for some shopping and enjoying the weather. It was beautiful out, we were acting like tourist.

I loved this picture, my daughter put it on Snapchat, love their filters.

  • Then they talked me into going to the zoo. The only reason I agreed because my youngest had never been to the Kansas City Zoo. I’m not fan, but we had a ball. Get this, since I’m 55, I got to take advantage of the senior discount and military discount, so it wasn’t bad after all.

The otter was actually cute.

Not a fan of elephants but we had stopped while we were riding the tram, so why not.

My young ladies, they will pose for their mom.

My husband probably had more fun that all of us. I love it when he lets go and just have fun.


I was two Aleve kind of tired when we got home. I have Osteoarthritis in my left knee and it was letting me know. I slept well and we finished up our packing and I wanted to go one more place before the weekend ended.

  • I wanted to visit my parent’s grave. It needed a little attention, I’m glad we went. We purchased a bouquet of flowers and cleaned it up. I was proud of my husband and daughter for helping me and doing most of the work. They are buried at a privately owned veterans cemetery, picked by my momma.

This was a beautiful ending to the great weekend. Family is so important to me, I love them with all my heart and soul.


Spending the weekend having fun, being together and loving on them reminded me to treasure them more, allow them to be who they are, and why I’ve completely opened my heart to them.

See you on the other side of the state in St. Louis!




4 Replies to “What’s Brewing At The Cafe”

  1. How’s everything coming along? I realize that we have another thing in common. Our mother’s were both born in August. My mother’s birthday is on August 17. The roar and pride of
    The lion. 😊
    Try not to over exert yourself. Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Dawn

    1. Hey Dawn, it’s coming along. Funny you say that, I’ve decided not t stress about this anymore. I’ve got other things to work on. Yes, my momma’ birthday is August 10th. We should talk soon.

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