We Survived The Move

We survived the move…barely. It was a test of strength: physical, mental and emotional.

We are somewhat settled, our things are in our apartment and are everywhere. Grateful I am for this opportunity for my family but at the same time, we are packed in this place.

Funny thing is I called myself getting rid of a lot of things before we moved. I left 80% of the kitchen items, including dishes, pots & pans and all the food. I didn’t want my daughter and brother to be without anything. I wish we had left this sectional because it’s seen its better days from all the moving. Furniture can only take so much moving before it wears down and starts to look bad. Trust me, I’ll be giving this away when we purchase our home. I’m not good at selling or having garage sales, I’d rather give it away.


There is plenty of storage in this 1,125 square foot apartment, I like that. We have big furniture, large bedroom set, huge chaise lounge, large sectional. The dining room table had to be eliminated, it’s 8 chairs, the tall chairs, and the table is square. The dining room space is small so my chaise lounge won the spot. Everything else needs to be put in storage, there just isn’t any room.

Here’s the living room/dining rooms, kitchen, Jade’s room, and our room. You can see all the boxes, we are getting rid of them soon.

We had to rent a climate controlled storage space. I have two containers of pictures and I didn’t want them ruined sitting in a hot storage space. The storage space is 5′ wide X 10′ depth X 8′ tall and we have used every inch of it.

That means I’m gonna have to be creative with storing my yarn, beads, and baubles. I have the yarn in 3 big containers, and my beads & baubles are in a flat container. I’ve got to get all my things in here so I can take my Etsy shop off vacation. I can always buy new yarn, right?  Of course, but with space as limited as it is, I couldn’t do that to my family. I’ve already tried to claim space in my daughter’s closet and she gave me a serious side eye. I’ll try to use her space as the last choice. I left one container of yarn so my daughter could have plenty of yarn for her new “Art Studio” she has created in her old bedroom.

My youngest daughter has been a trooper, she stepped in when I had a breakdown and helped my husband get things in on moving day. Yes, I had a breakdown, when I saw all the boxes in the apartment, outside the apartment and still in the truck, I had a panic attack, shut down and couldn’t really do anything. I couldn’t see past all our stuff. We moved in on August 1st and we are all still tired.

Murphy’s Law always kicks in, always. As of this post, my daughter still isn’t enrolled in school. I went online, completed the registration, made my appointment, took ALL the required paperwork. The woman assisting us looked at our lease, examined it very carefully. Not sure what she was looking for though. She took three pages from the lease and said this should do it. I suggested she make a copy of all pages and she said this should work. You know it didn’t work, right? I received a phone call that the copies weren’t acceptable and of course, I wasn’t happy. I took the paperwork up to the high school as instructed by the woman on the phone and the woman made a copy and said she would scan it to the registrar. I get an email about 2 hours later telling me the lease wasn’t enough. By the time I read it, they were closed for the day. See where I’m going here?? Long story short, we have an appointment on Monday to enroll her.

My daughter did manage to find a part-time job at St. Louis Bread Co, which is known as Panera Bread everywhere else in the world. We went in for pastries one morning and saw the help wanted sign. My daughter inquired and they told her to apply online. She must have bugged me almost every day about them calling her. She finally got the call, interviewed and got the job. She looked for jobs all summer while we were in Kansas City and no one called her. I told her to be professional looking always. I think she looked very nice and pretty. Tomorrow is the first day of her senior year, we are both excited.

I will say this, the next move, we are using a full-service moving company, I can’t do this anymore. I also couldn’t live in a tiny house either.

Have a good week.




2 Replies to “We Survived The Move”

  1. Hello my friend happy to hear you’ve moved in. 1 1/2 yr ago we moved from a 3 BD rm 2 bath rm house to a 2bd rm 2 bath rm apt, it was a challenge.
    Our things are in storage and still there. the shower of 2nd bath
    Has my Art work & hair supplies in it, I checked and a shelf was pushing on the facet, luckily my computer , hair and art work survived. I realized that I have bought a lot of new stuff. Storage fees has gone up
    From $79.00mo to &200.00mo
    You see where am going. You guys are troopers. And love each other. All will soon settle down. I thank God
    That you and love ones are safe & sound, 😊 the
    Love ya

    1. Yes, I remember and trying to keep my head up. actually doing good, as soon as we get this stuff out of here, I’ll feel better. Love you too.

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