Getting My Groove Back

I’m fighting really hard to get back into my groove. It’s a minute by minute struggle. I’m a fighter and a winner so I’m not giving up. As a wife and mother, they have been my priority. I know, I know. I need to take care of myself in order to take care of them, but right now getting them settled so I can concentrate on me has been my priority.

School is back in session for my husband and daughter, and he started his new job today. My daughter has a pending part time job. My oldest daughter that stayed in Kansas City and brother are doing just fine too.

Now, it’s my time. Time to concentrate on me and my future. I’ve opened my Etsy shop again and I’ve got plans.

  • To become a certified crochet instructor
  • Take photography lessons
  • Finish my certification to become a transcriptionist
  • To continue blogging and build my audience
  • Increase social media influence
  • Continue learning how to knit
  • Crochet, make jewelry and craft for the love of it



That’s a lot but I’m up for it. I’m changing my pace a bit. I want to enjoy what I do as I go through this process. As a woman who works to bring her dreams and plans to fruition, I have to keep my other priorities like family in the mix. My husband is my love, confidant, provider and my number one supporter. My daughters have/are preparing for the next phase in their lives. I’m their support system too, just like they’re mine and I have to make sure I keep things balanced. 

And I must get my groove back and keep it moving.

Balance by planning, which means writing it down and sticking to your plan as much as much as possible.

Enjoy the rest of your week.



6 Replies to “Getting My Groove Back”

  1. Good for you my sister, I’m happy for you. I’m currently doing what I’ve always dreamed of too, absolutely nothing & loving it! Thank you Lord for blessing me 🙌🏾

    1. I love your response! Who would have thought this would be our outlook? No grandbabies yet (not now) but looking forward to what’s next on my agenda. Thanks for your support and love Janice.

  2. Hey Michelle! Very inspiring! I am glad your move went well. Thank GOD for your upbeat attitude and a fresh focus. I found myself smiling as I enjoyed your post. This stage in life can be extremely challenging. Just as you’ve mentioned, BALANCE is key. You are a beautiful woman doing great things👍. Luv ya!

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