What’s Brewing At The Cafe

Fall is in the air around here. The mornings are cool and crisp, the afternoons sunny and trying to get in all the sunroof time.

  • We are finally shifting to a certain comfort level in our new place. We rented a trailer from U-Haul and took everything in our storage back to Kansas City and store it in the garage and basement of our house for FREE. Yeah, made so much sense to do it that way. We may have to keep a very small storage for all these expensive boxes and my yarn. Yeah, I have that much yarn.
  • Had to downsize with the furniture too. Got rid of the large sectional so we could have a dining room table. It opened up more space and I don’t feel crowded and ready to throw things off the balcony.

  • My husband and daughter have adjusted to their new schedules, so that means I can finally concentrate on ME. It’s about time. I’ve decided to let my gray grow and show. We’ll see how long that’s gonna last. I just want to see what it will look like. The gray is very prominent along the frame of my face and sporadic throughout the rest of my hair. I’ve used Henna for 3 years, so it will fade with time.

  • I will soon start working on my CIP – Certified Instructors Program for crocheting. It’s two levels and I’m going to do both. I’ve submitted my application and fee to take the course and I’m waiting on my master teacher to send me my curriculum and assignments. I have six months to complete each level. I’m gonna be working hard because I want to finish in about nine months. We also have to complete 15 hours of student teaching, so I’ll probably be reaching out to those that are interested in a few lessons to complete my certification. We’ll see, if it takes a year then it does. I learned how to crochet at 10 years old, so my knowledge is there, teaching will allow me to share my knowledge and love of the craft.
  • Pattern sales for my Bedtime Bella are still strong. I love residual income, I’m always working on different streams of income. Pattern writing is where I want to turn, that’s why taking the CIP course is important to me. If you know anyone that wants to make the Bedtime Bella, the pattern is still available here in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry. I will also make the Bedtime Bella for you as well, it’s also listed in my Etsy shop. Remember the holidays are coming so get your order in. I can make your Bedtime Bella anyway you would like.


Time for a second cup of coffee and start working on my current projects, making granny squares to donate for blankets.

Enjoy your weekend.