Staying In My Lane

This week I realized that I’ve matured well into middle age. It’s ok, I’m cool. I always considered myself to be in the know, the latest, greatest, on top of things.

Social media has good points and bad. I discovered what I consider bad for me this week. Let me go over those.

I honestly didn’t know who Cardi B was until I heard that her single “Bodak Yellow” hit number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, making Cardi B the first female rapper to top the chart with a solo since Lauryn Hill’s “Do Wop (That Thing)” from 1998. So I went to YouTube to check her out. I had to Google her to find out, plus some of my Periscope friends were talking about her. I wish her the best, not my thing at all. I don’t watch “Love & Hip Hop: New York” or any of them. I know what you guys are thinking, has she been under a rock? I guess so. I asked my youngest and she’s heard of her. She’s 17 now, I don’t try to keep up with her music. My taste is R&B, old school R&B and hip-hop, jazz, gospel and some Top 40. I’m in my lane and I’m so cool with that.

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There is this group on Facebook called Beard Game Matters.I saw on my timeline how women were talking about the good-looking bearded men. Sooooo, I go looking and thought, nothing wrong with checking out these handsome men with beards. Well…it’s not what I thought, it’s some thirsty women on social media. I was embarrassed for them the way they were acting in that group. That group has over 1.3 million members! I’ll keep my admiration to Idris Elba, it’s safe and will not cause any problems at home, and keeps me in my lane.

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This is the one that I just can’t get with. There’s a challenge on Instagram called #forthedickchallenge #forthepussychallenge. I promise you I’m not uptight, prudish or any of that. I keep it real, I enjoy social media, but this challenge, no I can’t. First of all, I’m building a brand, so I will not do anything on social media to damage the work I’m doing with my blog and the things I’m trying to do. Second, the respect I have for myself just won’t allow me to post anything like this. Third, children are on social media, I know you can’t police social media, but don’t be a mother or father with children at home that you allow to be on social media to see you post anything like this.

Now there’s a guy on Facebook named Darius Carr that did #forthecookiechallenge where he talks about how he’s gonna respect his woman, build a future and provide for his woman, but before he gets the “cookie”, he’s gonna put a ring on it.  Mad respect for this young man and I shared that challenge on my page. This is in my lane.

Trust me, I remember being in my 20’s, having a good time and enjoying my life. I enjoy life now, but time, wisdom and maturity has changed the way I see things. Nothing wrong with that at all. I respect it and have no problem staying in my lane, doing my thang, enjoying this time in my life.

I love to attend R&B concerts, going out to listen to jazz while enjoying a couple glasses of wine, shopping by myself (I can’t shop with a group of women), crocheting, making jewelry and chilling with my family. That’s staying in my lane.


Much love,