What’s Brewing At The Cafe

Busy week at the cafe, but I’m pushing.

  • I did it, I started the Certified Instructors Program to become a certified crochet instructor. I’m excited about this new journey and look forward to teaching people how to crochet, read patterns and share the love of the craft. The instructors’ program is brought to you by the Craft Yarn Council runs the program, they have the standards for knitting and crocheting, abbreviations, chart symbols and how to read patterns. If you are crafter with yarn, then I would recommend joining, it’s free.

Image courtesy Facebook/Craft Yarn Council


Here are my swatch and project samples that I have to submit for grading. I still need to block them so they will be nice, straight and neat. The hat is a for a baby 0-6 months. Didn’t make sense to make a hat for an adult.



The last part of CIP Crochet 1 is working on the three lesson plans in detail, then I can submit my complete package for grading and review. Someone asked me on Periscope the other day what I was going to do with the certification. I plan to teach at Michael’s and it’s a level of accomplishment for me.


  • I just finished crocheting these squares to donate so blankets can be made for the homeless and sick children. I plan to make more in between all my other activities.


  • My daughter took her senior pictures for the yearbook, went to homecoming and FINALLY got her driving permit. She has to have the permit for 6 months before she can get her license. She’s a good driver and I’m so happy so she can drive when we run errands.

My daughter and her friend.

Teaching someone how to drive is stressful. My daughter has signed up to take the course offered at the high school next semester. I hope she gets in. I want to apologize to my daddy, he was my teacher.

  • I can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas and 2018. A lot has happened this year.

Enjoy your weekend and I’m sorry I’ve been missing, life has me going. I must put myself on a schedule. It’s a MUST.