What’s Brewing At The Cafe

November is over.  I’m not angry, just glad I’ve been able to get through the last month. I didn’t blog at all last month, so here’s a breakdown of my month.

December, the last month of the year. Your mind starts to rush, wondering what, where, when and why. I’m glad to see this month. Not because of the obvious. It’s because November was a challenge for me. I have never been poked, prodded and tested more than I was last month. It was more challenging than I could handle. It’s not quite over yet, but I know that this is my new normal for a while and I must accept it.

I’m on the road to a better me. I wasn’t feeling like myself and I’m so glad I told the doctor about how I was feeling and experiencing. Listen to your body, don’t ignore it, please.


I was able to make a few items last month and even made a small amount of money. My pattern sales continue to give me sales which I am grateful for. I’m making a change in what I plan to sell from my Etsy shop and a few other things for next year. I’m actually very excited about the changes.

This is a hat for a woman who wears dreads. It was the second one I made because I used the wrong size crochet hook. Yes, November was that kind of month.

I was a tester for Gaye Glasspie of GGmadeit.com for her crochet version of this Bobble Shrug. It was very popular and she has done well with sales on this pattern. She has a knitted and crochet version. This was fun, quick and easy to make. I would recommend it for experienced crocheters because of the bobble stitch.

I finished my CIP Crochet Instructor I class, mailed my package and passed the process. It will take about 5-6 weeks before I receive my certificate and pin. I plan on doing the next level during the first part of next year.


I taught two classes at Michael’s last month. One was a crochet class which included two women who were excited and open to learning something new, and the other was a free class where I taught a nice lady how to make a braided cowl. I enjoyed teaching both classes, the students were excited, warm and ready to learn a new hobby.

This was my student, she turned her scarf into an infinity scarf. I was so proud of her.

This was the braided cowl I made for my free class last month. It’s all braided except for the band at the top.


My creative juices were on a serious hold, I couldn’t and didn’t want to write, create or run my business. I’ve been wanting to make changes to the creative side of my business, but I just couldn’t get past my health issues, or past me and getting past what I can’t change. None of it. I didn’t do one blog post for the month of November. I worked hard on blogging again and was disappointed that I couldn’t complete one post. I started several and will finish them up, but I just couldn’t post them.

I managed to keep moving throughout my difficult time. I learned so much about myself last month. Be true to yourself, take care of yourself and remember if you aren’t right, you can’t take care of anyone else.



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  1. Hi my sister, please don’t beat yourself up, this time in your life goes with
    Getting in your on space.
    Try letting go and letting god.
    This helps you be at peace with yourself. He’s always got your back
    It’s ok to rest and let yourself heal.
    These kind of times I caught up on
    My reading, motivational and spiritual
    Nothing heavy. Just calming words
    That let me know how wonderful
    You/ I am. The I am is a very powerful
    Words. I am grateful, I am creative
    I am calm, I am ……..
    Don’t worry you got this.
    I am very proud of you.🙏🏽🤗

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